If you don’t like the high stakes testing mess, there’s something you should know. Politicians only respond to people who vote. Candidates have access to voter rolls. They can clearly see when and how often you vote. The best way to hold any politician accountable is to vote.  You have several days left to vote early between now and Tuesday, November 4th.

During the August primary, 82% of Florida’s nearly 12 million voters stayed home. The statewide turnout was only 17.58%. When the majority refuses to vote, all the power goes to a vocal minority. Many elected officials like it this way. They don’t want us in the 82% to vote or have a real voice.

Take local races where there might be a total of 30,000 possible voters. If 82% stays home, that means roughly 5,000 people will decide for the 25,000 who didn’t vote.

Who likes the way Tallahassee is hurting our children and harming their public schools? Who likes unfair teacher evaluations, cuts to public education, private school voucher expansion, for profit charters, unfunded mandates, thousands of unnecessary end-of-course exams, constantly moving goals and the whole uneven playing field?  The less than 20% who vote, that’s who.

If you are in the 80% who does not vote, we need you today. Our children are stuck in a harsh system of education reform where nobody is ever good enough.  Surely 80% of Florida’s registered voters have the power to stop this.

Help each other. Learn about the candidates.  Get to the polls, drive your neighbors, make sure your entire family votes. There are 2.74 million public school children who desperately need a better way. What will you tell them on November 5th? That you “meant” to vote?

Redefine Florida. Cast your vote and give our kids a majority voice.