This blog is for every parent whose heart breaks trying to convince their child that, “One test, one day” will never define them. This is for every teacher who refuses to abandon their students, despite the well-funded reformers destroying the profession they love. Most of all, this blog is for every child who has lost hope and been made to feel like a failure by a cruel and dishonorable political scheme.

As the mother of two Florida public school students, founder of Fund Education NowOROPEZA HEAD SHOT, a product of Florida public education, a writer and advocate, I cannot be silent. Our children need every single one of us to actively engage together in support of public education. Parents, teachers, administrators and districts working together are the last defense our children have.  They need us to educate ourselves, speak out for them and above all vote only for candidates who believe in public schools.

Together, we can be the difference. Thank you for engaging.

Kathleen Oropeza

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