Betsy DeVos, with an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion, has invested at least $200 million buying influence from mostly Republicans and some Democrats. In Florida, Marco Rubio received $98,000 from DeVos and that’s not all. DeVos has covered her bases across the states. In fact seven of the Senators on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee received generous donations from DeVos and went on to approve her nomination setting her up for a full vote on the Senate floor, Tuesday, February 7th .

Like many ambitious politicians, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s need for cash creates conflict over being true to voters or appeasing donors able to secure political futures. Sadly, money wins almost every time.

Job one for every politician is raising cash either for themselves or for the dark money PACs they run. Even first term politicians know their votes are payback for campaign cash.  Constituents be damned. That’s why in the face of an estimated three million calls and letters in opposition, folks like Marco Rubio will close his email box, shut down his voice mail and vote yes for U.S. Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos.

When it comes to pay to play politics, the single, most powerful force standing between voters and money is we, the people. Know this for 2018. The stakes are exponentially high.

For now, contact Sen. Marco Rubio and all the others who took money from Betsy DeVos. Let them know, it’s time to pay the real piper – the voters.

Sen. Marco Rubio:


Here’s a list of Senators under the influence of Betsy DeVos:


SEVEN H.E.L.P Members who took cash from Betsy DeVos plus Twitter Handles & Emails. Call them out! 

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R, TN – DeVos Cash $2,500: @SenAlexander

Sen. Richard Burr, R, NC – DeVos Cash $43,200: @SenatorBurr

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R, LA – DeVos Cash $70,200: @BillCassidy

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R, UT – DeVos Cash $2,000: @SenOrrinHatch

VOTING NO ON DEVOS: Sen. Lisa Murkowksi, R, AK – DeVos Cash $40,500: @LisaMurkowski

Sen. Todd Young, R, IN – DeVos Cash $48,600: @SenToddYoung

Sen. Tim Scott, R, SC – DeVos Cash $49,200: @SenatorTimScott


Breakdown of Florida politicians under the influence of Betsy DeVos:

Name    Amount    Year     Party

Al Lawson for  Congress    $1,000.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Al Jacquet    $500.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Betty Reed    $1,000.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Bob Healy    $1,000.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Darrell Rouson    $1,000.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Dianne Williams-Cox    $500.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Gary Siplin    $1,000.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Jim Waldman    $500.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Mary Estime-lrvin    $500.00    2016    D

Campaign to Elect Virginia Saviett o    $500.00    2016    D

Committee to Elect Anitiere Flores    $1,000.00    2016    R

Committee to Elect Anitiere Flores    $1,000.00    2016    R

Marco Rubio for US Senate    $5,400.00    2016    R

Mica for Congress    $2,700.00    2016    R

Republican Party of Florida    $10,000.00    2016    R

Soto for Congress    $2,700.00    2016    D

Buddy Dyer for Mayor    $1,000.00    2015    D

Carlos Curbelo Congress    $1,000.00    2014    R

Committee to Elect Daphne Campbell    $1,000.00   2014   D

Committee to Elect Diane Williams-Cox    $1,000.00    2014    D

Committee to Elect Gary Siplin    $1,000.00    2014    D

Committee to Elect Jeff Brandes    $1,000.00    2014    R

Committee to Elect Manny Diaz    $1,000.00    2014    R

Frank Brunner for School Board    $1,000.00    2014

Johnny Gaffney for Florida House    $1,000.00    2014    D

Lizbeth Benequisto for  Congress    $2,600.00    2014    R

Melody Johnson for  School Board    $1,000.00    2014

Rick Scott for Governor    $5,000.00    2014    R

Shawn Frost for School Board    $1,000.00    2014

Committee to Elect Michael Joseph    $1,000.00    2014    D

Jeff Atwater for CFO    $3,000.00    2013    R

Pam Bondi for Attorney General    $500.00    2013    R

Teresa Jacobs for Mayor    $250.00    2013    R

Al Lawson for  Congress    $1,000.00    2012    D


Allen West for  Congress    1, 000    2012    R

Bobby Powell for State House    $500.00    2012    D

Friends of Connie Mack    $1,000.00    2012    R

John Patrick Julien for State House    $500.00    2012    D

Mack Bernard for State Senate    $500.00    2012    D

Victoria Siplin for State Senate    $500.00    2012    D