SAD EMOJIWith SB 7030/Arming Teachers passing in the Florida Senate as was predicted, the question raised by this blog about whether or not this is insurable remains.

Did knowledgeable political insiders deliberately plunge an entire state into a horrific Sophie’s Choice debate over forcing public school classroom teachers to live every day knowing that they or their colleagues must pivot from teaching the students they love to possibly shooting one of them?

Was this just a cruel distraction to allow the greatest threat to Florida Public Education, universal vouchers/Education Savings Accounts and a slew of other deeply hostile bills to pass into law with considerably less opposition from exhausted public education advocates?

Not to put to fine a point on it, but here’s the smoking gun as to whether arming classroom teachers can be insured. Fellow blogger Mercedes Schneider addresses the question and points out that:

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) uses AIX Specialty Insurance Company to provide its educators professional liability policy. According to that policy, armed teachers would not be covered if they make an error when using that gun. From the policy:


This policy does not apply to any claim: …

26. Alleging or arising out of:

a. any actual or alleged breach of duty, negligent act, error, omission, misstatement, or misleading statement committed by an INSURED while acting within the scope of their law enforcement activities for the educational institution; and

b. Any allegations of negligence or wrongdoing in the supervision, hiring, employment, training, or monitoring of a person whose conduct is included in Paragraph a. above.

For the purposes of this exclusion, “law enforcement activities” means activities, services, advice or instruction that is within the scope of the authorized duties of the educational institution’s law enforcement and security guard personnel. This exclusion shall also apply to any armed FULL-TIME INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL.

So, armed Florida teachers, know that as of this writing, any negligent act associated with that gun is not covered by FDOE liability insurance. Supervisors connected to negligence of armed teachers are also excluded from the liability policy.

Understand this, public education advocates, voters, teachers, parents, students, critical thinkers: At best, arming teachers with a one-time $500 bonus and three weeks of training when a full time sworn school resource officer costs $100,000 per year is a preposterous level of cheap.

At worst, is the looming reality that this chaos over arming teachers was a deliberate plan to provide cover while lawmakers passed a radical political agenda knowing the idea was doomed from the start. This is 100% unacceptable.

Politicians are supposed to work for us. We all know what happens to employees who lie, scheme, enrich themselves and others and plot to destroy the company. They get fired.

Join the fight to save our public schools and transform them into what’s best for Florida’s children and their teachers.